• Pour ceux qui n'aiment pas le fromage (‘For those who don’t like cheese’)

    Frédérick e. Grasser Hermé

    Cheese: you either love it or hate it – no in-between! In 10 recipes, Frédérick e. Grasser Hermé attempts to coax the most stubborn defectors back into the fold. (Cheese is, after all, one of France’s most iconic products.) As this high priestess of food points out, ‘A meal without cheese is unfinished like stunted growth or flowers prevented from blooming. There is something immature about a meal cut short.’ Respect!

  • Voyage imaginaire au pays des laits (‘Imaginary journey in the land of milk’)

    Jérémie Dres

    Freely inspired by the photographs of Isabelle Rozenbaum, Pierrick Bourgault, Emmanuel Mingasson and Colette Dahan, illustrator Jérémie Dres brings his talent to the catalogue of the ‘World Milk Cultures’ exhibition. His touch is light, the tone quirky and the booklet a tad amused by it all.

  • Crédit : Martine Camillieri

    Impromptus culinaires ('Culinary surprises')

    Sonia Ezgulian, Martine Camillieri

    One plays with flavours while the other works on presentation. Sonia Ezgulian and Martine Camillieri, chef and artist respectively, have teamed up for the Sonorama festival in Besançon. With a seven-point tour of the town, they reinvent ways to taste dairy products. Seven fun recipes to brighten lazy mornings, light lunches or romantic dinners.