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Le yaourt - 10 façons de le préparer par Brigitte Namour

Le Yaourt (‘Yoghurt’)

Dix façons de le préparer

Brigitte Namour

Her first experience of yoghurt was as a young child. Here, foodie author Brigitte Namour shares her love of little white pots in 10 delightful lessons.
We discover silky-smooth drinks and velvety grilled delights, scrolls of rosemary, aniseed or saffron-perfumed white clouds that bring a smile to the taste buds. And our hero, yoghurt, knocks butter off the podium in a delicious soft.Brigitte Namour invites the reader on a sweet and savoury trip to the Milky Way.

Editions de l'Epure (2011) in partnership with Milk Factory