• Le yaourt - 10 façons de le préparer par Brigitte Namour

    Le Yaourt (‘Yoghurt’)

    Brigitte Namour

    Her first experience of yoghurt was as a young child. Here, foodie author Brigitte Namour shares her love of little white pots in 10 delightful lessons.
    We discover silky-smooth drinks and velvety grilled delights, scrolls of rosemary, aniseed or saffron-perfumed white clouds that bring a smile to the taste buds. And our hero, yoghurt, knocks butter off the podium in a delicious soft.Brigitte Namour invites the reader on a sweet and savoury trip to the Milky Way.

    Editions de l'Epure (2011) in partnership with Milk Factory

  • Le lait - 10 façons de le préparer

    Le lait (‘Milk’)

    Sonia Ezgulian

    Addicted to milk, Sonia Ezgulian just had to write this book. Turning childhood memories into outstanding cookery tips, this culinary prodigy keeps the home fire burning in 10 lessons. Ravioli with milk skin, rice pudding with orange blossom… 10 little gems worth keeping.

    Editions de l'Epure in partnership with Milk Factory

  • Le beurre (‘Butter’)

    Frédérick e. Grasser Hermé

    An ode to butter, this little book written, designed and spread by Frédérick e. Grasser Hermé (‘Fegh’ to some, culinary goddess to many and artist to all) restores butter to its full glory. This is the chef who cooks salmon in her dishwasher. Here, she suggests churning butter in the washing machine – spin cycle, please! – and enjoying butter-rich recipes such as Bincho-style anchovies, salted butter with cherry blossoms or soft-cooked egg with a butter glaze. What butter reason for a feast!

    Editions de l'Epure in partnership with Milk Factory