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La raclette en 5 sets

What’s original about the word “raclette” is that it means a cheese, a dish and an event all at the same time. In French, you’d suggest a raclette (“on se fait une raclette?”) in the same way as going to the cinema (“on se fait un ciné?”), with the “une” making all the difference: UN or LE raclette (but la raclette also works – confusing!) means the cheese made from cow’s milk while UNE or LA raclette means the dish made from it. In English, a capital letter distinguishes between the cheese (Raclette) and the dish (raclette). Behind this multi-purpose word lies a whole history of meals between family and friends in mountainous regions of France and Switzerland. For many, this interactive culinary speciality guarantees a warm, friendly evening in the cold of winter, where every guest creates their own dish together from a wide selection of ingredients.

French texts: Cécile Cau
English version: Kate Moses
Recipes: Valentin Neraudeau
Photographs: Nathalie Carnet
Styling: Garlone Bardel


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