• La raclette en 5 sets

    What’s original about the word “raclette” is that it means a cheese, a dish and an event all at the same time. In French, you’d suggest a raclette (“on se fait une raclette?”) in the same way as going to the cinema (“on se fait un ciné?”), with the “une” making all the difference: UN or LE raclette (but la raclette also works – confusing!) means the cheese made from cow’s milk while UNE or LA raclette means the dish made from it. In English, a capital letter distinguishes between the cheese (Raclette) and the dish (raclette). Behind this multi-purpose word lies a whole history of meals between family and friends in mountainous regions of France and Switzerland. For many, this interactive culinary speciality guarantees a warm, friendly evening in the cold of winter, where every guest creates their own dish together from a wide selection of ingredients.

    French texts: Cécile Cau
    English version: Kate Moses
    Recipes: Valentin Neraudeau
    Photographs: Nathalie Carnet
    Styling: Garlone Bardel


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  • @Fabrice Bouquet

    La crème de la crème

    56 pages of sheer joy!

    Whether whipped, sweetened or UHT, in a meringue, a quiche or a crème caramel, cream reflects the wealth and variety of French culinary skills as well as our creativity. Eleven of the most influential French pastry chefs (Pierre Hermé, Sébastien Gaudard, Laurent Jeannin, François Perre, Valentin Neraudeau…) have joined forces to celebrate this essential ingredient of French patisserie.

    Texts: Cécile Cau
    Photos: Fabrice Bouquet
    Design: Ich&Kar

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  • Cahier des produits laitiers n°6

    An iconic moment… Unmissable to some, essential to others, for those who eat it, breakfast truly is the best meal of the day. Le Cahier des Produits Laitiers 6 sets its alarm and offers tips, hints and recipes to start off the day on the right foot, with guests in the form of Sonia Ezgulian recipes illustrated by Mingu Mango.

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  • Cahier des Produits Laitiers n°5

    A focus on fresh dairy products, a large family: plain yoghurt, fruit yoghurt, fromage blanc, milk-based desserts… Discover the results of a study: “France’s most popular fresh dairy products”… an interview with Christelle Lefevre, an expert on ‘farmyard’ yoghurts… recipe ideas….

    30 pages, 100% creamy

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