• Catalogue of the ‘Oh la vache!’ exhibition by Jean-Baptiste Mondino
    For this Milk Factory exclusive, Jean-Baptise Mondino exposes 21 pictures of a cow in hats. Shot in three-quarter, full-length and portrait formats, the animal seemed quite happy to play along with her photographer.

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  • Catalogue of the ‘Variations on a Cheeseboard’ exhibition
    How to present cheese?
    Six designers offer answers in eight cheeseboards, focusing on passing on the history of cheese and reflecting its abundance and diversity, all the while respecting modern table manners.
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  • Bloc-Notes n°6 : colors yoghurt

    What happens when Fred Lebain offers a modernistic, kinetic, explosive vision of yoghurt? Pow! Plop! Whiiiiiiiiiiiiz! A contrast of sounds and aromas to chase away the darkest of blues.

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