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Milk Café – World Cultures and Cuisine, Quai Branly museum

June 3rd, 2012

Each Milk Café session focuses on a world region shown at Quai Branly, using works from the museum’s collections.
Enjoy a cultural, gastronomic experience, exploring the wonderful world of dairy products! Milk in world cultures is explained by an anthropologist and reinterpreted in a demonstration by a master chef.

4th Milk Café session
Sunday 3 June – 4-6 p.m.
Quai Branly museum
Claude Lévi-Strauss theatre foyer


Did you know?
Mongolia is a vast plateau covered by forest and grassy steppes, which provide a backdrop for several mountain ranges. Mongol culture and identity remain firmly rooted in the country’s history and the emblematic Genghis Khan, who at the beginning of the 18th century unified the Steppe peoples, conquered North China and invaded the West. Mongolia is traditionally a nation of nomadic farmers, where food pays an important role in the material culture and beliefs –a mixture of popular Shamanism and Buddhism today. Families practise extensive farming, which limits the number of cattle slaughtered and this means that although Mongols are meat eaters, they benefit more from milk production, consuming a significant amount of dairy products. While traditional meals are based on meat and dairy products, Mongols are now diversifying their cuisine with Russian and Chinese influences.

Speaker: Sandrine Ruhlmann
Sandrine Ruhlmann is an anthropologist specialised in food techniques and eating habits, and an associate researcher at LISST, a social anthropology centre. Speaking at Milk Café at the Quai Branly museum on 3 June 2012, she invites you to a talk accompanied by a tasting session focused on cuisine in Mongolia and in particular milk in the Mongol culture.

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Milk Café is a series of events organised by Milk Factory and OCHA (French think-tank on eating habits)