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Sonorama Festival 2009

October 8th to October 11th, 2009

Artist Martine Camillieri and chef/food author Sonia Ezgulian present ‘Culinary Surprises’, a gastronomic tour of the town of Besançon.

These two creative minds have decided to hold artistic tasting sessions – an improvised dinner of truly exquisite food – at different must-see places. Each session offers 200 guests the chance to savour a unique experience.

6 ‘surprises’ are planned:

ROOM-SERVICE BREAKFAST: hot drink, milk, fromage blanc with pine nuts and honey, bread rolls and jelly with citrus pieces

FEAST OF GREENERY: like a savoury pancake, a Camembert cheese stuffed with dried fruit, accompanied by salad and a spiced citrus jelly on pita bread

HOT SOUP IN RUE DES BOUCHERS: onion soup with a splash of milk, accompanied by bread and cumin butter

TEA AT THE CASINO: shortbread biscuit spread with dulce de leche
Souvenir box made with milk bottle tops, to take home

BUS SHELTER CORNETS: miniature cones to accompany a walk. A waffle cone containing cubes of Morteau smoked sausage and steamed potatoes topped by a cloud of fromage blanc with herbs

MILK SHAKE: coconut milk shake served in individual glass yoghurt pots, with a straw through the lid