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Milk Bar at Grande Epicerie de Paris

May 28th to July 10th, 2009

As part of its ‘Carnet d’été 2009’ programme of events, Grande Epicerie de Paris has invited Milk Factory to design the first Parisian roving milk bar.

For six weeks, unique dairy products will travel around our gastronomic capital. Food lovers can enjoy sweet and savour dairy delights specially designed by Sonia Ezgulian. This chef-author will offer a whole series of dishes to taste, using milk, butter, cheese and cream depending on her mood. Could you be tempted by an instant fruit milkshake or would you prefer some explosive rocket cheesecake?

Menu: rocket cheesecake; waffle cornet with thyme, leaves, tomato and basil coulis; savoury milkshake with peas and crispy ham; apricot and almond milkshake; cappuccino-style milk mousse; ginger and raspberry coulis; sweet-bun club sandwich with melon, cream and mint; and bread and sweet butter with vanilla and strips of strawberry.