OFFERINGS  October 9th to November 15th, 2015

@Teddy Wolff

French Cheese Board

26 W 39th St, New York

TIME: 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. (weekdays)

Dorothée Selz plays and makes fun of images and materials of everyday life. As an artist she sublimates food, transforms foodstuffs with colour, makes sculptures of fleeting moments, architecture of food, underlines monuments and popular art objects with a piping bag, and takes a humorous look at languid mens’ bodies. She feeds her art on travels, meetings and dreams. Her art is by nature filled with poetry and pleasure. It is no wonder then that the French Cheese Board devoted as it is to research in arts dealing with food, should put on a retrospective of this pleasure-loving artist’s work.

Design : Ich&Kar

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Dorothee Selz has been upsetting our eating habits in various ways for over thirty years. Curious visitors are invited to take part in the experiments, and sometimes take the plunge by tasting rice dishes, salads or buns died bright blue or red. Not everyone is able to take it in his stride. Remorselessly Dorothee goes on astonishing us with her daring edible installations. Delving deeply into ourperceptions of the in situ, Dorothee Selz has never ceased to tease us with her unusual shapes. She prefers the role of re-interpreter rather than that of complete innovator demanded by advertising,and is aware that she is known not so much for her formal innovations as for her style.

Her work can be read ih bitter-sweet half tones. It is the work of a prolix artist,a colourer of food and images, a creator of images and icons on the fringeof the mainstream contemporary art scene. H

@Teddy Wolff