LES FILLES A FROMAGES-SEASON 2-100% SPORT : AN EXHIBITION  March 13th to April 20th, 2015

@Vincent Lappartient & Sophie Carre


Photographs by Vincent Lappartient & Sophie Carre
13 March to 20 April 2015

What do these three women have in common: wing-soled Muriel Hurtis, ice queen Nathalie Péchalat and Victoria Ravva with her elegant leap? They are all high-level athletes and share a love of one of the emblems of European culture and French heritage: cheese. They assert this passion loud and clear, with no hesitation to defy fear of fat and dietary correctness. Fifteen champions have been brought together by Mounia Briya in her Mounia et ses Filles à Fromages club (“Mounia and the chicks who like cheese”) to switch fields and pose with their favourite cheeses for fashion photographers Sophie Carre and Vincent Lappartient.
Mounia et ses Filles à Fromages is a collective of aesthetes – beautiful, food-loving women who find a soft-hearted Camembert or a fruity Comté just as irresistible as the latest It Bag or stilettoes. Their driving theme is assuming a certain French elegance along with their love of cheese. Restaurant owner Mounia Briya, the founding ambassador of this new club of glamorous Bec Salé, Saint-Nectaire and Fourme d’Ambert cheese lovers, is spreading the message worldwide of “the largest women’s movement ever created from a love of soft, hard and blue cheese.” Hundreds have now joined this trendy gourmet collective – a generation of food-loving women who like to freely satisfy their appetites between the salad and dessert courses. This is a revolution on a plate, the rite of all those standing up to what other people may think, while breathing a sigh of relief at the sight of a Morbier.
After an internationally successful Season 1 (Paris – New York – Los Angeles – Rio de Janeiro – Tokyo) Mounia et ses Filles à Fromages will be at Milk Factory for a second season, this time dedicated to sport. French sportswomen, all stars in their disciplines, will swap their shorts and trainers for tuxedo suits, Fourme and Raclette cheese. Devilishly sexy, they love cheese and are not afraid to say so. But who are they?
Muriel Hurtis – Athletics ● Nathalie Péchalat – Figure skating ● Manon Valentino - BMX ● Camille Serme – Squash ● Emmeline Ndongue – Basketball ● Marie-Alice Yahe – Rugby ● Cléopâtre Darleux & Nodjialem Myaro – Handball ● Isabelle Severino – Gymnastics ● Victoria Ravva – Volleyball ● Ophélie David – Skiing ● Mélanie Plat & Delphine Garcia – Horse riding ● Elodie Clouvel – Pentathlon ● Sarah Ouhramoune – Boxing (indicative list).
Faced with lipophobia, these women knock out nutritional diktats to make room for pleasure. What better incentive to develop nerves of steel and the dedication to take on any challenge?
This dream team promises an exceptional season!

The Filles à Fromages exhibition is fully funded and supported by the European Milk Forum’s “Cheese Up Your Life” programme and CNIEL, a multi-country campaign promoting the European cheese culture. The aim is to raise European consumers’ awareness of cheese representing both a European culture and an incredibly rich local heritage, given the quality and diversity of cheese from the four participating countries: France, Denmark, Ireland and the United Kingdom (Northern Ireland). Cheese is a truly European product! The “Les Filles à Fromages – Season 2” exhibition is the first event in the 2015 programme co-financed by the European Commission.