Who hasn’t dreamt of diving into a chocolate mousse, digging a hideout in a piece of cheese or fruit, or skiing down a slope of whipped cream? With this in mind, Akiko Ida and Pierre Javelle have created a miniature world from food, where tiny people experience quirky adventures. Since childhood, Akiko has been attracted to the world of gastronomy, baking different sorts of bread that she photographed fresh from the oven and logged in a notebook. At the same time, she filled entire pages with drawings of miniature people. Pierre spent his childhood in Burgundy with his nose deep in cartoons. Drawn to illustrations and photography, art school was a haven for him. From his childhood reading, he has kept a sense of anecdote, accessibility and simplicity. In 2002, the idea of using food photos in fresh ways led to Minimiam – a micro-universe of different genres including macro, food, portrait and landscape photography.


@P. Javelle