DO - David Meignan & Olivier Amy, photographer and graphic designer

David was born in Issy-les-Moulineaux near Paris in 1969. With no studies under his belt, he became a photographer just as one might become a butcher, by learning the family trade. After some initial anti-atavistic reticence to taking over the family business (which some found logical and others incomprehensible), a powerful love of photography quickly took over. He has always lived in Paris, but his spirit is often elsewhere – just like his eye, which he likes to send wandering over the four corners of the earth (North America, Spain and Italy), leaving a pretty trail in his photographs…

Olivier Amy is a graphic designer. Her credo is to listen well to produce work that best fits the brief. Her role is then to demonstrate her art’s greatest strength: a simple idea for the most effective result. With minimal typography and line drawings that are not afraid of blank space, her creations seem discreet at first but are stronger as a result.