Creative talent from La Roche-sur Yon, Nimes, Caen and Poissy coming together in Paris for a design aimed at reinventing our way of consuming. The group is food-loving, engaged and optimistic. A Christmas log? Great, as long as it symbolises the fleeting nature of ice fields. An eternal ice cube to save water. And even if it means staying at home, let’s concoct our objects ourselves. At dinner, 5.5 Designers say ‘more, please!’

‘We are fascinated by restaurants that, at the end of a meal, roll out mountains of varieties of cheese with expert commentary on where they come from and how they are produced. This is a special moment for discovering new flavours. That is why we propose a cheeseboard that can be used for storage – paradoxically, since it is rare to find any left!’


@photo - Erwan FICHOU