Claudio Colucci is half-Italian but if you click on the ‘J’ in, his history, philosophy and projects appear in Japanese. Neither Japanese nor French, Claudio sees life through one eye, travelling between worlds with a smile. As an agent of change, he delights in designing the interiors of restaurants, hotels and cafés – Mövenpick, Alain Passard and Christofle have all fallen under his spell. Claudio, a master of the in-between, moves with ease between fantasy, mischievousness and sensuality.

‘Being half Italian and half Swiss, living half and half in France and Japan, both my roots and my life are divided between different cheese-producing countries – surprisingly, even the Japanese are crazy about Camembert, Comté and Epoisses. People also drink wine in all these countries. For me, talking about cheese means talking about wine. I love cheese as much as… wine. It is impossible for me to dissociate one from the other. A good wine is best savoured with cheese, and vice versa.’

@photo - Erwan FICHOU