Stéphane Bureaux lives and eats design. At mealtimes he feeds his soul, being the sort of man munches on a two-storey building (not just a biscuit!) and picks the ‘nails’ from a chocolate-sprinkled bun… Sometimes describing his design as ‘culinary’, Stéphane Bureaux refuses any specialisation, preferring a diet of clashing disciplines.


For Stéphane Bureaux, milk conjures up memories – of going to fetch milk at the farm where his grandparents lived, being afraid of the dog, and walking past the straight-faced farmers while he tried to escape without spilling anything!’

Design sur un plateau ('Variations on a Cheeseboard')

‘A cheeseboard isn’t a glamorous object. It’s easy to see it as a utilitarian and modest object although, paradoxically, the products it carries are full of history, complexity, sensations and life. In other words, it’s anything but ordinary.’

@S. Bureaux