A student architecture originally, Han ais passionate about cooking, and created her blog ‘Je veux être bonne’ (I want to be good) in 2010. A play on words, double sense, ambiguity, she paints a new canvas on the web of culinary language in wich words, photos and videos merge and melt together promoting both her gastronomic and artistic talents. In 2011she filmed her recipes in stopmotion: les foodanimés (the foodcartoons). The creation of these food cartoons came from the desire to make step by step cookery programs on many sites and blogs much more dynamic. She insists on the notion of transformation and the evolution of basic ingredients. Her friend Cedric Bra created the music for her films as a perfect symbiosis with the images. The recipe is not her first objective. She tries to transmit her passion to her viewers. Hana has won a lot of prizes with her blog, the Golden blog awards and the top prize from the magazine ‘Elle’ in 2011.